Bruno Kuhlmann

"ok, das reicht!"
Eine Video-Installation von Bruno Kuhlmann

vom 26.6. bis 29.7.2013
in Fridas Kunstkammer

Hi Flo,Thanks for st

Hi Flo,Thanks for stopping by. Hummmm, how to make a tprytich out of four a quad-tych?? One of the problems with drummers, as Marcus and I have discussed many times, is that they are relegated to the back of the band , in the darkest area and the most difficult to photograph. Also, the instruments they play cover the player (the drummer) when shot from the front. I do have several where you can see the entire drum set, but barely see Marcus. For this shot, I wanted to show an image where you might recognize him if you saw him on the street. I'll take a look and see if I can find something inbetween shows Marcus but more of his drums. Thank you for you suggestions, Flo.And, Wes, I'm happy that these images brought back good memories.



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