Vom 10.1. bis 28.1.2013 in Fridas Kunstkammer:
- eine Installation von Natalia Kopp


Debt, HypeIn totality, Fukushima sntads a good chance of being worse then Chernobyl. The various governments will never publicly discuss this, but if you look at the rate of fallout generated and the net potential environmental effects, it is a real possibility.At least 1 reactor and possibly 3 of the 4 are seeing intermittent re-criticality events. They cant even begin to clean the mess up and mitigate damage until they can stop the re-criticality of the really nasty aspects of Fukushima is that at least 3 of the 4 reactors are compromised and dumping decay products into the ocean and local water table. Chernobyl never had that issue and the Russian authorities did everything they could to prevent that from happening ( radioactive products hitting the water table ). They cant even hope to stop the flow of radioactive products into the ocean and water table until the get they reactors cooled which is probably on the order of months at a minimum (re-criticalities generate huge amounts of heat, so that could be a little problem). Since the cooling loops are destroyed and the buildings so highly radioactive they are forced to do a once through loop that pumps the cooling water into the core then right back to the ocean. The amount of cooling water needed is just too great to be held in am improvised system. Another nasty little catch-22 they are running into is that water acts as a moderator and slows neutrons which acts to promote nuclear fission reactions. By pumping water into the core they are promoting criticality events to some degree. But they obviously have to pump water in in order to prevent run away melt downs.Fukushima also cannot be entombed like Chernobyl was since it has substantial damage to the facility that provide a direct path for radioactive material to flow into the ocean and water table. To entomb this they would have to find a way to seal the plant from the bottom up. That would be one of the great engineering challenges of recent history.Barring a massive kamikaze cleanup effort on the order of Chernobyl ( several hundred thousand people) they will most likely have to let this thing burn itself out over the next several years while it continues to leak radioactivity and they continue to put on show efforts that have minimal real effect. They cant begin the real cleanup process of dismantling the reactors until the materials and facilities cool enough (both temp and radioactivity) for them to be worked with. I believe it took about 5 years for the slag from the TMI melt down to coll enough to be removed by robotics..-just a highschool janitor who read too many physics books.



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