- eine Installation von Sabrina Hohmann
vom 28.5. bis 24.6.13
in Fridas Kunstkammer
Since gravity is med

Since gravity is meditaed by a spin-2 field, like charges attract and unlike charges repel | The introduction of the second connection suffices to describe the motion of anti-gravitating test-particles in a background field.Big Bang the universe into a soup of g- and h-metric particles with only gravitational interaction between them. Does h-metric matter cool, photon emission or otherwise?Presumed dark matter distribution is hot thermal spherical in galaxies (star velocity vs. radius) and cosmic filamentary (for galactic groups). Does that still obtain given an additional h-metric component of similar absolute value mass?Unless there is a robust asymmetry in effective mass or abundance, h-metric particles cannot be excluded - there is nowhere for them to disappear (extruded into another set of dimension?). Gravitational effects would be reciprocal, g- and h-metric particles, yes?



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