weil´s wurscht is
Lindenholz & Gabel, 2005
von Natalia Kopp
bis 28.2. in Fridas Kunstkammer

Abolish this program! That's the only sioutoln that I see. These exchange students participate in this program and when it's time for them to go home to their country, they would go illegal and take jobs away from Americans. This is so unpatriotic! Stupid government puppets of large corporations!
Klart vi husker deg

Klart vi husker deg ;) men det rare er at i dag har jeg tenkt se5nn pe5 deg! Jeg tnetke at hvis det ikke kommer noe livstegn her snart, skal jeg skrive og hf8re hvordan du har det! Tenkte jeg. Og se5 kom det jammen DET lekre kortet! Milde moses, se5 heldig Frida er, du verden, se5 lekkert det var! En kjempeide9 med det banneret over hjertebuketten, dette inneholder en stor liftefare ;)Jeg har jo ikke besf8kt noen blogger pe5 lenge, men gratulerer med vel overste5tt likevel. Regner med at alt har ve6rt stor stas!God klem fra navnesf8stera, som er veldig glad for e5 ha deg her igjen :)
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He displayed the individual pleasures with the aid of myth indicates. He created the best image regarding female beauty inside the fantasy ethereal sphere and out of cash the portray orientation regarding male protagonist.
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In Eastern religious

In Eastern religious and suaitprl communities, one learns to calm the mind enough to distnguish between the self who experiences each moment's actions, and the Self who observes that self. Both selves are available to our awareness, but while one seems to constantly be overwhelmed by the moments oc experience, the other seems to draw on a deeper source of wisdom and being that allows reflection upon and choices about those experiences. Maybe Brazen is your name for that observer Self, the deeper unity of atman with Brahma.Or maybe it's just your moment of buttery, sugary self-satisfaction on top of the wonderful cookie you have begun to discover as your own. Blessings, cousin.



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